The PHD System is used in all waxing at Blush, which gives a fast, clean wax with no risk of contamination as can happen with the original ‘pot and spatula’ method. The PHD System uses tubes of warm wax with clean, individual heads for each client.

Full Leg and Bikini £28.00
Full Leg £22.00
Half Leg and Bikini £18.00
Half Leg £12.00
Bikini from £8.00
Brazilian £25.00
Under Arm £8.00
Lip & Chin £8.00
Lip or Chin £6.00
Back or Chest Wax £18.00
Back and Chest Wax £32.00
Blush Beauty Studio, 7 Coldwell Lane, Middleyard, King Stanley. GL10 7PL